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Trastra- The Best And Solution For Cryptocurrency Users

Though the cryptocurrency is slowly gaining importance in trading and other activities, the users of cryptocurrency can get their dealings done through the payment card Trastra issued by the visa card.
With the help of this card, the client can exchange cryptocurrency to the Euro and also the other way round, and it can be done in confidentiality without a bank account.

Benefits of using Trastra
• It is an E-wallet packed with six wallets like Euro, bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin in cash, lite coin, and XRP.
• This can be used as a bank visa card for making online and offline store payments. You can also make deposits while playing online casino games like poker, sports betting, etc.
• You can withdraw using Trastra in any ATM worldwide.
• It provides the user with complete confidentiality.
• Download the append get your exchanges done quickly
• The withdrawal fees are very minimal: just 2.25 euros for a 300 euro withdrawal.
• You can use this card to withdraw your money from gambling sites and trading platforms.

How safe is Trastra?
• It is verified by visa, and every transaction is shielded with the visa identity check, which ensures that only the owner of the card can use it.
• 2FA or two-factor authentication makes it even safer to use because it needs the wallet password as well as a one-time passcode created by 2FA
• It has anti-fraud protection where every online transaction has to pass a visa 3D secure protocol
• Device authorization is needed for any new device or browser that has to be established through email.
• Anti- skimming protection, where all cards have the latest chip technology to keep money safe.

The other benefits of Trastra
• In case you have lost your card, you can instantly disable it, and you can re-enable it once it is found.
• Constant email notifications will be sent to you about all your account transactions
• Your card can be loaded instantly from your app, whenever needed.
Reading the above article will give you a brief insight into the advantages of using Trastra and why it is considered a safe method for cryptocurrency users.